noun \ˈbərd-ˌsŋ\

: the song of a bird or of many birds

Full Definition of BIRDSONG

:  the song of one or more birds

Examples of BIRDSONG

  1. The forest was filled with birdsong.

First Known Use of BIRDSONG



noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Certain vocalizations of birds, characteristic of males during the breeding season, for the attraction of a mate and for territorial defense. Birdsong also reinforces pair bonds, and some species have a flight song. Birdsongs are usually more complex and longer than birdcalls, which are used for communication within a species. Birdsong may be hereditary or learned; a newly hatched male chaffinch, for example, can sing a “subsong” but must learn to sing the true song by listening to and imitating adult males.


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