preposition \ə-ˈlŋ\

: in a line matching the length or direction of (something)

: at a point on (something)

Full Definition of ALONG

:  in a line matching the length or direction of <walking along the road>; also :  at a point or points on <a house along the river>
:  in the course of <made stops along the way>
:  in accordance with :  in <a new agreement along the lines of the first>

Examples of ALONG

  1. We walked along the beach.
  2. The chairs were lined up along the wall.
  3. The ship sailed along the coast.
  4. We drove to Boston and we stopped along the way for lunch.

Origin of ALONG

Middle English, from Old English andlang, from and- against + lang long — more at ante-
First Known Use: before 12th century



: in a forward direction

: at or to an advanced point

: at a particular place : here or there

Full Definition of ALONG

:  forward, on <move along>
:  from one to another <word was passed along>
a :  in company :  as a companion <brought his wife along> —often used with with <walked to school along with her friends>
b :  in association —used with with <work along with colleagues>
a :  sometime within a specified or implied extent of time —usually used with about <along about July 17>
b :  at or to an advanced point <plans are far along>
:  in addition :  also —usually used with with <a bill came along with the package>
:  at hand :  as a necessary or useful item <brought an extra one along> <had his gun along>
:  on hand :  there <tell him I'll be along to see him>

Examples of ALONG

  1. We walked along beside the road.
  2. I was just walking along, minding my own business.
  3. The police told the people in the crowd to move along.
  4. We looked at the houses as we drove along.
  5. Plans for a new stadium are already pretty far along.

First Known Use of ALONG

14th century

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