adjective for·ward \ˈfr-wərd, also ˈfō- or ˈf-, Southern also ˈfär-\

: near or belonging to the front part of something

: moving or directed ahead or toward the front

: moving toward the future or toward a more advanced state or condition

Full Definition of FORWARD

a :  near, being at, or belonging to the forepart
b :  situated in advance
a :  strongly inclined :  ready
b :  lacking modesty or reserve :  brash
:  notably advanced or developed :  precocious
:  moving, tending, or leading toward a position in front; also :  moving toward an opponent's goal
a :  advocating an advanced policy in the direction of what is considered progress
b :  extreme, radical
:  of, relating to, or getting ready for the future <forward buying of produce>
for·ward·ly adverb
for·ward·ness noun

Examples of FORWARD

  1. the forward deck of a boat
  2. the forward movement of history
  3. a very forward young woman

Origin of FORWARD

Middle English, from Old English foreweard, from fore- + -weard -ward
First Known Use: before 12th century

Rhymes with FORWARD



: toward the front : to or toward what is ahead or in front

: toward the future

: to or toward a more advanced state or condition

Full Definition of FORWARD

:  to or toward what is ahead or in front <from that time forward> <moved slowly forward>

Examples of FORWARD

  1. Her long hair fell forward as she bent to tie her shoes.
  2. He pushed the throttle forward.
  3. She took a small step forward.
  4. The narrative moves backward and forward in time.
  5. The technology has taken a big step forward.

First Known Use of FORWARD

before 12th century

Related to FORWARD



: to send (something you have received, such as a letter) to someone else

: to send (something that has arrived, such as a letter) to another place

: to help (something) make progress or continue to a more advanced state

Full Definition of FORWARD

transitive verb
:  to help onward :  promote <forwarded his friend's career>
a :  to send forward :  transmit <will forward the goods on receipt of your check>
b :  to send or ship onward from an intermediate post or station in transit <forward mail>

Examples of FORWARD

  1. Your letter will be forwarded to the appropriate department.
  2. Please forward my mail to my new address.

First Known Use of FORWARD




sports : a player who plays near the opponent's goal

Full Definition of FORWARD

:  a player who plays at the front of his team's formation near the goal at which his team is attempting to score

First Known Use of FORWARD

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