noun \ˈpə-məl, ˈpä-\

: a high, round part on the front of a saddle

Full Definition of POMMEL

:  the knob on the hilt of a sword or saber
:  the protuberance at the front and top of a saddle
:  either of a pair of removable rounded or U-shaped handles used on the top of a pommel horse

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Origin of POMMEL

Middle English pomel, from Anglo-French, from Vulgar Latin *pomellum ball, knob, from diminutive of Latin pomum fruit
First Known Use: 14th century

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verb \ˈpə-məl\
pom·meled or pom·melledpom·mel·ing or pom·mel·ling\ˈpə-mə-liŋ, ˈpəm-liŋ\

Definition of POMMEL

transitive verb
:  pummel

Examples of POMMEL

  1. <the elderly woman pommeled the would-be thief with her handbag until he begged for mercy>

Origin of POMMEL

First Known Use: 1530


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