pommel horse

pommel horse


: a large piece of equipment used in gymnastics that is like a very thick bench with two handles on top of it

Full Definition of POMMEL HORSE

:  a gymnastics apparatus for swinging and balancing feats that consists of a padded rectangular or cylindrical form with two pommels on the top and that is supported in a horizontal position above the floor
:  an event in which the pommel horse is used

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pommel horse

noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Gymnastics event for men. It uses a padded rectangular apparatus supported by legs and with two pommels (U-shaped handles) on the top. The gymnast performs various swinging and balancing feats, holding himself over the horse by means of the pommels or by grasping the front (neck), centre (saddle), or rear (croup) of the horse. The apparatus stems from a wooden horse used by the Romans to teach mounting and dismounting.

Variants of POMMEL HORSE

pommel horse or side horse


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