verb \ˈpləŋk\

: to pull or hit a string or key on a musical instrument with your fingers especially in a way that makes a brief, somewhat harsh sound

: to hit (someone or something) especially with a ball

: to drop or place (something or someone) in a forceful and often careless way

Full Definition of PLUNK

transitive verb
:  to pluck or hit so as to produce a quick, hollow, metallic, or harsh sound
:  to set down suddenly :  plump
intransitive verb
:  to make a plunking sound
:  to drop abruptly :  dive
:  to come out in favor of someone or something :  plump —used with for
plunk noun
plunk·er noun

Variants of PLUNK

plunk or plonk \ˈpläŋk, ˈplŋk\

Examples of PLUNK

  1. You've been plunking that banjo all afternoon!
  2. She plunked out a little tune on the piano.
  3. plunking away on a guitar
  4. The pitcher plunked the first two batters of the game.
  5. She plunked a mug of coffee on the counter.

Origin of PLUNK

First Known Use: 1805

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