noun \ˈplə-mət\

Definition of PLUMMET

:  plumb; also :  plumb line

Origin of PLUMMET

Middle English plomet, from Anglo-French plumet, plomet, from plum lead, lead weight — more at plumb
First Known Use: 14th century

Other Civil Engineering Terms

asphalt, ballast, barrage, cantilever, infrastructure, sluice

Rhymes with PLUMMET



: to fall suddenly straight down especially from a very high place

: to fall or drop suddenly in amount, value, etc.

Full Definition of PLUMMET

intransitive verb
:  to fall perpendicularly <birds plummeted down>
:  to drop sharply and abruptly <prices plummeted>

Examples of PLUMMET

  1. The acrobat plummeted into the net.
  2. The car plummeted to the bottom of the canyon.
  3. The satellite plummeted into the ocean.
  4. Stock prices plummeted 40 percent during the scandal.
  5. The TV show has plummeted in the ratings.
  6. Temperatures are expected to plummet this weekend.
  7. The town's population plummets when the students leave for the summer.

First Known Use of PLUMMET


Rhymes with PLUMMET


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