verb \ˈplənj\

: to fall or jump suddenly from a high place

: to fall or drop suddenly in amount, value, etc.

: to have a steep slope or drop downward


Full Definition of PLUNGE

transitive verb
:  to cause to penetrate or enter quickly and forcibly into something <plunged the dagger>
:  to cause to enter a state or course of action usually suddenly, unexpectedly, or violently <plunged the nation into economic depression>
intransitive verb
:  to thrust or cast oneself into or as if into water
a :  to become pitched or thrown headlong or violently forward and downward; also :  to move oneself in such a manner <plunged off the embankment>
b :  to act with reckless haste :  enter suddenly or unexpectedly <plunges into project after project>
c :  to bet or gamble heavily and recklessly
:  to descend or dip suddenly <the stock's value plunged>

Examples of PLUNGE

  1. Her car plunged off a bridge.
  2. The stock market plunged yesterday.
  3. The President's approval rating has plunged to 20 percent.
  4. The moose population has plunged in recent years.
  5. The rocky cliffs plunge into the swirling rapids below.
  6. The road plunges down the mountain.

Origin of PLUNGE

Middle English, from Anglo-French plunger, from Vulgar Latin *plumbicare, from Latin plumbum lead
First Known Use: 14th century

Related to PLUNGE

pitch, dive, sound
arise, ascend, lift, mount, rise, soar, spike, up

Rhymes with PLUNGE



: a sudden fall or jump usually from a high place

: a sudden quick fall in amount, value, etc.

: the act of suddenly beginning to be in a particular condition or situation

Full Definition of PLUNGE

:  an act or instance of plunging :  dive; also :  swim

Examples of PLUNGE

  1. Amazingly, the cat survived its plunge from the building's roof.
  2. Market analysts predicted a price plunge.
  3. The store experienced a sharp plunge in sales.

First Known Use of PLUNGE

15th century


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