noun, often attributive \ˈpak\

: a bag or bundle of objects that is carried on a person's or animal's back

: a small paper or cardboard package in which small things are sold

: the amount contained in one pack

Full Definition of PACK

a :  a bundle arranged for convenience in carrying especially on the back
b :  a group or pile of related objects
c (1) :  a number of individual components packaged as a unit <a pack of gum>
(2) :  container (3) :  a compact unitized assembly to perform a specific function (4) :  a stack of magnetic disks in a container for use as a storage device
a :  the contents of a bundle
b :  a large amount or number :  heap <a pack of lies>
c :  a full set of playing cards
a :  an act or instance of packing
b :  a method of packing
a :  a set of persons with a common interest :  clique
b :  an organized unit (as of Cub Scouts)
a (1) :  a group of domesticated animals trained to hunt or run together (2) :  a group of often predatory animals of the same kind <a wolf pack> (3) :  a large group of individuals massed together (as in a race)
b :  wolf pack
:  a concentrated or compacted mass (as of snow or ice)
:  wet absorbent material for therapeutic application to the body
a :  a cosmetic paste for the face
b :  an application or treatment of oils or creams for conditioning the scalp and hair
:  material used in packing

Examples of PACK

  1. He took a map and a bottle of water out of his pack.
  2. hikers carrying heavy packs up a mountain
  3. They loaded the packs onto the horses.
  4. The entire pack of crayons spilled on the floor.
  5. Cigarettes typically come in packs of 20.
  6. You'll receive your informational pack upon arrival.

Origin of PACK

Middle English, of Low German or Dutch origin; akin to Middle Low German & Middle Dutch pak pack
First Known Use: 13th century



Definition of PACK

transitive verb
a :  to make into a compact bundle
b :  to fill completely <fans packed the stadium>
c :  to fill with packing <pack a joint in a pipe>
d :  to load with a pack <pack a mule>
e :  to put in a protective container <goods packed for shipment>
a :  to crowd together
b :  to increase the density of :  compress
a :  to cause or command to go without ceremony <packed him off to school>
b :  to bring to an end :  give up —used with up or in <might pack up the assignment> —used especially in the phrase pack it in
:  to gather into tight formation :  make a pack of (as hounds)
:  to cover or surround with a pack
a :  to transport on foot or on the back of an animal <pack a canoe overland>
b :  to wear or carry as equipment <pack a gun>
c :  to be supplied or equipped with :  possess <a storm packing hurricane winds>
d :  to make or be capable of making (an impact) <a book that packs a man-sized punch — C. J. Rolo>
intransitive verb
a :  to go away without ceremony :  depart <simply packed up and left>
b :  quit, stop —used with up or in <why don't you pack in, before you kill yourself — Millard Lampell>
a :  to stow goods and equipment for transportation
b :  to be suitable for packing <a knit dress packs well>
a :  to assemble in a group :  congregate
b :  to crowd together
:  to become built up or compacted in a layer or mass <the ore packed into a stony mass>
a :  to carry goods or equipment
b :  to travel with one's baggage (as by horse)
pack·abil·i·ty \ˌpa-kə-ˈbi-lə-tē\ noun
pack·able \ˈpa-kə-bəl\ adjective

First Known Use of PACK

14th century



Definition of PACK

transitive verb
:  to influence the composition of so as to bring about a desired result <pack a jury>
archaic :  to arrange (the cards in a pack) so as to cheat

Origin of PACK

obsolete pack to make a secret agreement
First Known Use: 1587



Definition of PACK

chiefly Scottish
:  intimate

Origin of PACK

perhaps from obsolete pack to make a secret agreement
First Known Use: 1701


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