noun pack·age \ˈpa-kij\

: a box or large envelope that is sent or delivered usually through the mail or by another delivery service

: a wrapper or container that covers or holds something

: something that comes in a container

Full Definition of PACKAGE

archaic :  the act or process of packing
a :  a small or moderate-sized pack :  parcel
b :  a commodity or a unit of a product uniformly wrapped or sealed
c :  a preassembled unit
:  a covering wrapper or container
:  something that suggests a package: as
a :  package deal
b :  a radio or television series offered for sale at a lump sum
c :  contract benefits gained through collective bargaining
d :  a ready-made computer program or collection of related software
e :  a travel arrangement contract that offers for a fixed price transportation, accommodations, and often sightseeing and entertainment
f :  a collection of related items; especially :  one to be considered or acted on together <presented his tax package to the nation>

Examples of PACKAGE

  1. All ingredients are listed right on the package.
  2. She ate the whole package of crackers for lunch.
  3. The hotel, airfare, and museum fees were all part of our vacation package.
  4. The financial aid packages we'll be awarding this year are smaller than we had hoped they would be.

First Known Use of PACKAGE


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Rhymes with PACKAGE



: to put (something) in a package in order to sell it or send it somewhere

: to show or present (something or someone) in a particular way


Full Definition of PACKAGE

transitive verb
a :  to make into a package; especially :  to produce as an entertainment package
b :  to present (as a product) in such a way as to heighten its appeal to the public
:  to enclose in a package or covering
pack·ag·er noun

First Known Use of PACKAGE

PACKAGE Defined for Kids


noun pack·age \ˈpa-kij\

Definition of PACKAGE for Kids

:  a bundle made up for mailing or transporting
:  a container that covers or holds something <The ingredients are listed on the package.>
:  something that comes in a container <a package of gum>
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