noun \ˈpa-kət\

: a small, thin package

: a package in which something is sold and bought

: a group of things that have been gathered together for a particular purpose and usually put into a container (such as a folder or a large envelope)

Full Definition of PACKET

a :  a small bundle or parcel
b :  a small thin package
c British
(1) :  pay envelope (2) :  salary, paycheck
d chiefly British :  a considerable amount <that trip will cost a packet>
a :  a number of letters dispatched at one time
b :  a small group, cluster, or mass
:  a passenger boat usually carrying mail and cargo
British :  a pack of cigarettes
:  a short fixed-length section of data that is transmitted as a unit in an electronic communications network

Examples of PACKET

  1. I got two packets of broccoli seeds to plant this summer.
  2. He puts two packets of sugar in his coffee.
  3. Could you get me another packet of ketchup?
  4. Your information packet includes a map and a schedule of all the events at the conference.
  5. I received the packet of legal papers today.

Origin of PACKET

Middle English pekette, pakat, from Anglo-French pacquet, of Germanic origin; akin to Middle Dutch pak pack
First Known Use: 15th century

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