noun \ˈme-dəl\

: a piece of metal often in the form of a coin with designs and words in honor of a special event, a person, or an achievement

Full Definition of MEDAL

:  a small usually metal object bearing a religious emblem or picture
:  a piece of metal often resembling a coin and having a stamped design that is issued to commemorate a person or event or awarded for excellence or achievement

Examples of MEDAL

  1. He was awarded a medal for his heroism.
  2. <the display case held an impressive array of military medals from World War II>

Origin of MEDAL

Middle French medaille, from Old Italian medaglia coin worth half a denarius, medal, from Vulgar Latin *medalis half, alteration of Late Latin medialis middle, from Latin medius — more at mid
First Known Use: circa 1578

Rhymes with MEDAL



: to win a medal

med·aled also med·alledmed·al·ing also med·al·ling \ˈmed-liŋ, ˈme-dəl-iŋ\

Full Definition of MEDAL

intransitive verb
:  to win a medal <medaled in figure skating>

Examples of MEDAL

  1. She medaled in figure skating in the Olympics.

First Known Use of MEDAL


Rhymes with MEDAL


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Henry IV and Marie de Médicis portrayed on the obverse side of a bronze-gilt medal by …—Courtesy of the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C., Samuel H. Kress Collection

Piece of metal struck with a design to commemorate a person, place, or event. Medals can be of various sizes and shapes, ranging from large medallions to small plaques, or plaquettes. Most medals are made of gold, silver, bronze, or lead, the precious metals being used for the finer productions. The art of the medalist began in the mid-15th century with bronze medals of Italian Renaissance rulers and humanists. Some of the most beautiful were made by Benvenuto Cellini.


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