verb \ˈpe-dəl\

: to sell (something) usually in small amounts and often by traveling to different places

: to try to get people to accept or believe (something)

ped·dledped·dling \ˈped-liŋ, ˈpe-dəl-iŋ\

Full Definition of PEDDLE

intransitive verb
:  to travel about with wares for sale; broadly :  sell
:  to be busy with trifles :  piddle
transitive verb
:  to sell or offer for sale from place to place :  hawk; broadly :  sell
:  to deal out or seek to disseminate
:  to offer or promote as valuable

Examples of PEDDLE

  1. They peddled fruits and vegetables out of their truck on the side of the road.
  2. He peddled his idea for a new movie to every executive in Hollywood.
  3. The mayor's aides tried to peddle his innocence to reporters.

Origin of PEDDLE

back-formation from peddler, from Middle English pedlere, alteration of pedder peddler
First Known Use: 1532

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