noun \ˈbī-ˌped\

: a 2-footed animal

Full Definition of BIPED

:  a two-footed animal
bi·ped·al \(ˌ)bī-ˈpe-dəl\ adjective
bi·ped·al·ly \-ē\ adverb

Origin of BIPED

Latin biped-, bipes, from bi- + ped-, pes foot — more at foot
First Known Use: 1646

Other Zoology Terms

altruism, integument

Rhymes with BIPED

abed, ahead, airhead, baldhead, beachhead, bedspread, bedstead, beebread, behead, bestead, bighead, blackhead, blockhead, bloodred, bloodshed, bobsled, bonehead, brain-dead, break bread, bridgehead, brown bread, bulkhead, bullhead, catch dead, cathead, childbed, clubhead, coed, cokehead, corn bread, corn-fed, cowshed, crackhead, crispbread, crisphead, crossbred, crosshead, daybed, deadhead, death's-head, deathbed, dispread, dogsled, dopehead, drop-dead, drophead, drumhead, dumbhead, egghead, embed, far-red, farmstead, fathead, flatbed, forehead, foresaid, French bread, fry bread, Gateshead, gearhead, godhead, greenhead, half-bred, hardhead, highbred, hogshead, homebred, homestead, hophead, hotbed, hothead, ill-bred, inbred, instead, jarhead, juicehead, knock dead, lamed, light bread, lowbred, lunkhead, make head, masthead, meathead, moped, naled, outspread, packthread, phys ed, pinhead, pithead, point spread, pothead, premed, printhead, purebred, quick bread, railhead, redhead, red lead, re-tread, retread, roadbed, roadstead, Roundhead, saphead, scarehead, screw thread, seabed, seedbed, sheep ked, sheepshead, sheetfed, shewbread, shortbread, sickbed, skinhead, snowshed, softhead, sorehead, spearhead, spoon bread, springhead, steelhead, straightbred, streambed, subhead, sweetbread, swellhead, thickhead, toolshed, towhead, trailhead, Turk's head, unbred, undead, unread, unsaid, unthread, untread, Volstead, warhead, webfed, well-bred, wellhead, well-read, white-bread, whitehead, white lead, widespread, wingspread, woodshed, woolshed


noun \ˈbī-ˌped\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of BIPED

: a two-footed animal
biped or bi·ped·al \(ˈ)bī-ˈped-əl\ adjective


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