noun tro·phy \ˈtrō-fē\

: an object (such as a large cup or sculpture) that is given as a prize for winning a competition

: something that you keep or take to show that you were successful in hunting, war, etc.

plural trophies

Full Definition of TROPHY

:  something gained or given in victory or conquest especially when preserved or mounted as a memorial
a :  a memorial of an ancient Greek or Roman victory raised on the field of battle or on the nearest land for a naval victory
b :  a representation of such a memorial (as on a medal); also :  an architectural ornament representing a group of military weapons
:  a game animal or fish suitable for mounting as a trophy —usually used attributively
:  one that is prized for qualities that enhance prestige or social status —usually used attributively <a trophy wife> <a trophy house>
trophy transitive verb

Examples of TROPHY

  1. <the mogul's latest trophies include an oversized mansion and a 20-years-younger wife>

Origin of TROPHY

Middle French trophee, from Medieval Latin tropheum, from Latin tropaeum, trophaeum, from Greek tropaion, from neuter of tropaios of a turning, of a rout, from tropē turn, rout, from trepein to turn
First Known Use: 15th century

Rhymes with TROPHY

TROPHY Defined for Kids


noun tro·phy \ˈtrō-fē\
plural trophies

Definition of TROPHY for Kids

:  something given to celebrate a victory or as an award for achievement <I won the bowling trophy.>
:  something taken in battle or conquest especially as a memorial


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