noun \ˈjəj-mənt\

: an opinion or decision that is based on careful thought

: the act or process of forming an opinion or making a decision after careful thought : the act of judging something or someone

: the ability to make good decisions about what should be done

Full Definition of JUDGMENT

a :  a formal utterance of an authoritative opinion
b :  an opinion so pronounced
a :  a formal decision given by a court
b (1) :  an obligation (as a debt) created by the decree of a court
(2) :  a certificate evidencing such a decree
a capitalized :  the final judging of humankind by God
b :  a divine sentence or decision; specifically :  a calamity held to be sent by God
a :  the process of forming an opinion or evaluation by discerning and comparing
b :  an opinion or estimate so formed
a :  the capacity for judging :  discernment
b :  the exercise of this capacity
:  a proposition stating something believed or asserted

Variants of JUDGMENT

judg·ment or judge·ment \ˈjəj-mənt\

Examples of JUDGMENT

  1. We have to make a judgment about the value of their services.
  2. The judgment of the editors is final.
  3. Don't rush to judgment without examining the evidence.
  4. Were his policies good or bad? I'll have to reserve judgment on that. It's too soon to know.
  5. Use your own best judgment.
  6. The court granted a judgment in favor of the plaintiffs.
  7. the judgment of the court
  8. I won a judgment against the bank.

First Known Use of JUDGMENT

13th century


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

In law, a formal decision or determination on a matter or case by a court. Judgments are classified as in personam, in rem, and quasi in rem. A judgment in personam determines the rights and liabilities of a particular person. A judgment in rem affects the status of a particular thing (e.g., an item of property). The designation quasi in rem describes a judgment in which a person's property is subject to court control to satisfy a claim against the person. The court has at its disposal the power to punish for contempt any party that does not adhere to its orders. See also appeal; declaratory judgment; demurrer.


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