: property (such as land or stocks) that is owned by someone

sports : the illegal act of using your hands or arms to slow or stop the movement of an opponent in sports like ice hockey and American football

Full Definition of HOLDING

a :  land held especially by a vassal or tenant
b :  property (as land or securities) owned —usually used in plural
:  a ruling of a court especially on an issue of law raised in a case — compare dictum
:  something that holds

Examples of HOLDING

  1. penalized 10 yards for holding
  2. <the holding of not guilty took everyone by surprise>

First Known Use of HOLDING

15th century

Rhymes with HOLDING



: causing or intended to cause a temporary stop or delay

—used to describe a place where someone or something is kept for a time before being moved somewhere else

Full Definition of HOLDING

:  having the effect of holding back or delaying something <the [war] represented a holding action against the spread of world Communism — Sidney Offit>
:  intended for usually temporary storage or retention <a holding tank>

Examples of HOLDING

  1. The troops were engaged in a holding action until reinforcements could arrive.

First Known Use of HOLDING

May 27, 2015
riot act Hear it
a vigorous reprimand or warning
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