verb \in-ˈflām\

: to cause (a person or group) to become angry or violent

: to make (something) more active, angry, or violent

: to cause (a part of your body) to grow sore, red, and swollen

in·flamed also en·flamedin·flam·ing also en·flam·ing

Full Definition of INFLAME

transitive verb
a :  to excite to excessive or uncontrollable action or feeling; especially :  to make angry
b :  to make more heated or violent :  intensify <insults served only to inflame the feud>
:  to set on fire :  kindle
:  to cause to redden or grow hot from anger or excitement <a face inflamed with passion>
:  to cause inflammation in (bodily tissue)
intransitive verb
:  to burst into flame
:  to become excited or angered
:  to become affected with inflammation
in·flam·er noun

Variants of INFLAME

in·flame also en·flame \in-ˈflām\

Examples of INFLAME

  1. His angry speech inflamed the mob.
  2. ideas that inflame the imagination
  3. His comments have inflamed an already tense situation.
  4. inflaming the passions of the mob
  5. a chemical that can inflame the skin

Origin of INFLAME

Middle English enflamen, from Anglo-French enflamer, from Latin inflammare, from in- + flamma flame
First Known Use: 14th century


verb \in-ˈflām\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of INFLAME

transitive verb
: to cause inflammation in (bodily tissue) <inflame the sinuses>
intransitive verb
: to become affected with inflammation


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