verb ex·claim \iks-ˈklām\

: to say (something) in an enthusiastic or forceful way

: to cry out or speak suddenly or with strong feeling

Full Definition of EXCLAIM

intransitive verb
:  to cry out or speak in strong or sudden emotion <exclaimed in delight>
:  to speak loudly or vehemently <exclaimed against immorality>
transitive verb
:  to utter sharply, passionately, or vehemently :  proclaim
ex·claim·er noun

Examples of EXCLAIM

  1. Here he comes! someone exclaimed.
  2. She exclaimed in delight over the Christmas tree.
  3. The children exclaimed with wonder when they saw the elephant.

Origin of EXCLAIM

Middle French exclamer, from Latin exclamare, from ex- + clamare to cry out — more at claim
First Known Use: 1566
EXCLAIM Defined for Kids


verb ex·claim \ik-ˈsklām\

Definition of EXCLAIM for Kids

:  to speak or cry out suddenly or with strong feeling

Word Root of EXCLAIM

The Latin word clamāre, meaning to shout or to cry out, gives us the root clam and its form claim. Words from the Latin clamāre have something to do with shouting. To exclaim is to cry out in a sudden or emotional way. To proclaim is to announce or shout something publicly. Clamor is noisy shouting.


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