verb \bi-ˈkəm, bē-\

: to begin to be or come to be something specified : to begin to have a specified quality

: to look attractive on (someone) : to be flattering to (someone)

: to be suitable for (someone) : to be proper for (someone)


Full Definition of BECOME

intransitive verb
a :  to come into existence
b :  to come to be <become sick>
:  to undergo change or development
transitive verb
:  to be suitable to <seriousness becoming the occasion>; especially :  to be becoming to <her clothes become her>
become of
:  to happen to <wondering whatever became of old friends>

Examples of BECOME

  1. Although I've known him for years, we didn't become close friends until recently.
  2. She won the election, becoming the first woman to be President of the nation.
  3. The book has become quite popular.
  4. We became interested in the property last year.
  5. The crackers had become stale.
  6. It eventually became clear that he had lied.
  7. This kind of behavior hardly becomes a person of your age and position.

Origin of BECOME

Middle English, to come to, become, from Old English becuman, from be- + cuman to come
First Known Use: before 12th century


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