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noun \ˈsüt\

Simple Definition of suit

  • : a set of clothes that usually consists of a jacket and a skirt or pair of pants that are made out of the same material

  • : a set of clothes or protective covering that is worn for a special purpose or under particular conditions

  • : a process by which a court of law makes a decision to settle a disagreement or problem between people or organizations

Full Definition of suit

  1. 1 archaic :  suite 1

  2. 2a :  recourse or appeal to a feudal superior for justice or redressb :  an action or process in a court for the recovery of a right or claim

  3. 3 :  an act or instance of suing or seeking by entreaty :  appeal; specifically :  courtship

  4. 4 :  a group of things forming a unit :  suite —used chiefly of armor, sails, and counters in games

  5. 5 :  a set of garments: asa :  an ensemble of two or more usually matching outer garments (as a jacket, vest, and trousers) <businessmen wearing three-piece suits>b :  a costume to be worn for a special purpose or under particular conditions <gym suits>

  6. 6a :  all the playing cards in a pack bearing the same symbolb :  all the dominoes bearing the same numberc :  all the cards or counters in a particular suit held by one player <a 5-card suit>d :  the suit led <follow suit>

  7. 7 slang :  a business executive —usually used in plural

suit·ed play \ˈsü-təd\ adjective

Examples of suit

  1. He wore his gray suit to the job interview.

  2. <filed a suit against the company that had manufactured the faulty heater, claiming they were responsible for the fire>

Origin of suit

Middle English sute, seute pursuit, retinue, set, legal action, from Anglo-French siute, suite, from Vulgar Latin *sequita, from feminine of *sequitus, past participle of *sequere to follow — more at sue

First Known Use: 14th century




Simple Definition of suit

  • : to provide what is required or wanted by or for (someone or something)

  • : to be proper or suitable for (someone or something)

  • : to be attractive on (someone)

Full Definition of suit

  • transitive verb
    1. 1a :  to be becoming to <that dress suits you>b :  to be proper for :  befit <a mood that suits the occasion>

    2. 2 :  to outfit with clothes :  dress

    3. 3 :  accommodate, adapt <suit the action to the word>

    4. 4 :  to meet the needs or desires of :  please <suits me fine>

    5. intransitive verb
    6. 1 :  to be in accordance :  agree <the position suits with your abilities>

    7. 2 :  to be appropriate or satisfactory <these prices don't suit>

    8. 3 :  to put on specially required clothing (as a uniform or protective garb) —usually used with up <players suiting up for the game>

    Examples of suit

    1. This kind of behavior hardly suits a person of your age.

    2. She gave a serious speech that suited the occasion.

    3. The formal furniture really suited the style of the house.

    4. The job suits her very well.

    14th Century

    First Known Use of suit

    14th century

    SUIT Defined for Kids



    noun \ˈsüt\

    Definition of suit

    1. 1 :  a set of clothing having matching top and bottom pieces

    2. 2 :  a set of clothes or protective coverings worn for a special purpose or under particular conditions <a gym suit> <a suit of armor>

    3. 3 :  an action in court to settle a disagreement or enforce a right or claim

    4. 4 :  all the playing cards of one kind (as spades, hearts, diamonds, or clubs) in a pack




    Definition of suit


    1. 1 :  to be suitable or satisfactory <The time of the meeting suits my schedule.>

    2. 2 :  to make suitable :  adapt <You should suit your speech for your audience.>

    3. 3 :  to be proper for or pleasing with <That scarf does not suit the dress.>

    4. 4 :  to meet the needs or desires of <… it was fully settled that James should go … as it suited his master … — Anna Sewell, Black Beauty>

    Medical Dictionary


    Medical Definition of suit

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