preposition \ˈin, ən, ən\

—used to indicate location or position within something

: to the inside of (a room, container, etc.)

—used to indicate that someone or something belongs to or is included as part of something

Full Definition of IN

a —used as a function word to indicate inclusion, location, or position within limits <in the lake> <wounded in the leg> <in the summer>
b :  into 1 <went in the house>
—used as a function word to indicate means, medium, or instrumentality <written in pencil> <bound in leather>
a —used as a function word to indicate limitation, qualification, or circumstance <alike in some respects> <left in a hurry>
b :  into 2a <broke in pieces>
—used as a function word to indicate purpose <said in reply>
—used as a function word to indicate the larger member of a ratio <one in six is eligible>

Examples of IN

  1. Don't come in here with those muddy feet!
  2. <drawn on the wall in crayon>

Origin of IN

Middle English, from Old English; akin to Old High German in in, Latin in, Greek en
First Known Use: before 12th century

Related to IN

by, per, through, via, with

Rhymes with IN


adverb \ˈin\

: to or toward the inside of something (such as a building)

: to or toward a place

: at the place where someone or something arrives after traveling

Full Definition of IN

a (1) :  to or toward the inside especially of a house or other building <come in> (2) :  to or toward some destination or particular place <flew in on the first plane> (3) :  at close quarters :  near <play close in>
b :  so as to incorporate <mix in the flour> —often used in combination <built-in bookcases>
c :  to or at an appropriate place <fit a piece in>
a :  within a particular place; especially :  within the customary place of residence or business <the doctor is in>
b :  in the position of participant, insider, or officeholder —often used with on <in on the joke>
c (1) :  on good terms
(2) :  in a specified relation <in bad with the boss> (3) :  in a position of assured or definitive success
d :  in vogue or season
e of an oil well :  in production
f :  in one's presence, possession, or control <after the crops are in>
g :  from a condition of indistinguishability to one of clarity <fade in>
in for
:  certain to experience <in for a rude awakening>

Examples of IN

  1. She went in and closed the door.
  2. I lost my keys and now I can't get in.
  3. The burglars broke in through the kitchen window.
  4. The pool is deep. Be careful not to fall in.
  5. The boss called us in for a conference.
  6. The fog was closing in fast.
  7. Get your orders in early!
  8. Is the train in yet?

First Known Use of IN

before 12th century


adjective \ˈin\

: popular or fashionable

: aware of and strongly influenced by what is new and fashionable

Full Definition of IN

a :  that is located inside or within <the in part>
b :  that is in position, operation, or power <the in party>
c :  inside 2
:  that is directed or bound inward :  incoming <the in train>
a :  extremely fashionable <the in thing to do>
b :  keenly aware of and responsive to what is new and fashionable <the in crowd>

Examples of IN

  1. the in thing to do
  2. the in place to go
  3. It's what the in crowd is wearing this season.

First Known Use of IN



noun \ˈin\

: a way of becoming involved in something or of influencing someone

Full Definition of IN

:  one who is in office or power or on the inside <a matter of ins versus outs>
:  influence, pull <enjoyed some sort of in with the commandant — Henriette Roosenburg>

Examples of IN

  1. When you're trying to get started in show business, it helps to have an in.
  2. They must have an in with the boss.

First Known Use of IN




Definition of IN


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Definition of IN


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Definition of IN



abbreviation    (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of IN

May 29, 2015
bodacious Hear it
unmistakable, remarkable, or voluptuous
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