noun \ˈle-və-rij, ˈlē-; ˈlev-rij, ˈlēv-\

: influence or power used to achieve a desired result

: the increase in force gained by using a lever

Full Definition of LEVERAGE

:  the action of a lever or the mechanical advantage gained by it
:  power, effectiveness <trying to gain more political leverage>
:  the use of credit to enhance one's speculative capacity

Examples of LEVERAGE

  1. The union's size gave it leverage in the labor contract negotiations.
  2. The player's popularity has given him a great deal of leverage with the owners of the team.
  3. I used the leverage of the bar and a wooden block to pry the rock out of the hole.

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: to use (something valuable) to achieve a desired result


Full Definition of LEVERAGE

transitive verb
:  to provide (as a corporation) or supplement (as money) with leverage; also :  to enhance as if by supplying with financial leverage
:  to use for gain :  exploit <shamelessly leverage the system to their advantage — Alexander Wolff>

Examples of LEVERAGE

  1. The company wants to leverage its brands more effectively.
  2. <a reality show contestant who's trying to leverage her 15 minutes of fame>

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Other Business Terms

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