adverb with·in \wi-ˈthin, -ˈthin\

: inside something

: in someone's inner thoughts, feelings, etc.

Full Definition of WITHIN

:  in or into the interior :  inside
:  in one's inner thought, disposition, or character :  inwardly <search within for a creative impulse — Kingman Brewster †1988>

Examples of WITHIN

  1. We could hear sounds coming from within.
  2. The sign on the door says Help Wanted: Inquire Within.
  3. We all try to appear strong and attempt to hide the scared little child within.
  4. They were outwardly calm but nervous within.

Origin of WITHIN

Middle English withinne, from Old English withinnan, from with + innan inwardly, within, from in
First Known Use: before 12th century



: inside (a certain area or space)

: inside (a group, company, society, etc.)

: before the end of (a particular period of time)

Full Definition of WITHIN

—used as a function word to indicate enclosure or containment
—used as a function word to indicate situation or circumstance in the limits or compass of: as
a :  before the end of <gone within a week>
b (1) :  not beyond the quantity, degree, or limitations of <live within your income>
(2) :  in or into the scope or sphere of <within the jurisdiction of the state> (3) :  in or into the range of <within reach> <within sight> (4) —used as a function word to indicate a specified difference or margin <came within two points of a perfect mark> <within a mile of the town>
:  to the inside of :  into <sunk the sea within the earth — Shakespeare>

Examples of WITHIN

  1. They live within the city limits.
  2. We could hear sounds coming from within his apartment.
  3. Reports from within the company indicate a change in policy.
  4. Most students find a job within a year of graduating.
  5. She made several friends within days of moving into her new apartment.
  6. He entered the house, and within seconds, he was surrounded by children.
  7. Everything I need is within a few miles of my apartment.

First Known Use of WITHIN

12th century



Definition of WITHIN

:  an inner place or area <revolt from within>

Examples of WITHIN

  1. <structural decay had started from within>

First Known Use of WITHIN

15th century



Definition of WITHIN

:  being inside :  enclosed <the within indictment>

First Known Use of WITHIN



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