preposition \ˈin-(ˌ)tü, -tə\

: to or toward the inside of (something)

: in the direction of (something)

—used to describe hitting or touching something or someone

Full Definition of INTO

—used as a function word to indicate entry, introduction, insertion, superposition, or inclusion <came into the house> <enter into an alliance>
a :  to the state, condition, or form of <got into trouble>
b :  to the occupation, action, or possession of <go into farming>
c :  involved with or interested in <into hard drugs> <into Latin epigrammatists>
—used as a function word to indicate a period of time or an extent of space part of which is passed or occupied <far into the night>
:  in the direction of <looking into the sun>
:  to a position of contact with :  against <ran into a wall>
—used as a function word to indicate the dividend in division <dividing 3 into 6 gives 2>

Examples of INTO

  1. She came into the room.
  2. a medicine injected into the bloodstream
  3. Please put the bowl into the sink.
  4. They were heading into town.
  5. He jumped into the pool.
  6. She was just staring into space.

Origin of INTO

Middle English, from Old English intō, from 2in + to
First Known Use: before 12th century


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