verb im·port \im-ˈprt, ˈim-ˌ\

: to bring a product into a country to be sold

computers : to bring (something, such as data) into a file, system, etc., from another source

Full Definition of IMPORT

transitive verb
a :  to bear or convey as meaning or portent :  signify
b archaic :  express, state
c :  imply
:  to bring from a foreign or external source: as
a :  to bring (as merchandise) into a place or country from another country
b :  to transfer (as files or data) from one format to another usually within a new file
archaic :  to be of importance to :  concern
intransitive verb
:  to be of consequence :  matter
im·port·able \im-ˈpr-tə-bəl, ˈim-ˌ\ adjective
im·port·er noun

Examples of IMPORT

  1. a dealer who imports cars from Italy to the U.S.
  2. software that makes it simple to import digital photographs onto your hard drive

Origin of IMPORT

Middle English, from Medieval Latin importare to bring in, cause, signify, from Latin, to bring in, cause, from in- + portare to carry — more at fare
First Known Use: 15th century


noun im·port \ˈim-ˌprt\

: something that is imported : a product brought into a country to be sold there

: the act of importing something

: the meaning of something

Full Definition of IMPORT

:  importance; especially :  relative importance <it is hard to judge the import of this decision>
:  something that is imported

Examples of IMPORT

  1. This car is an import from Italy.
  2. They sell luxury imports from around the world.
  3. laws affecting the import of foreign goods
  4. This is an issue of little import to voters.
  5. a matter of great import

First Known Use of IMPORT

circa 1568

Other Business Terms

amortize, caveat emptor, clearinghouse, divest, due diligence, emolument, green-collar, marque, overhead, perquisite


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