noun \im-ˈpr-tən(t)s, especially Southern & New England -tən(t)s, -dən(t)s\

: the quality or state of being important : value or significance

Full Definition of IMPORTANCE

a :  the quality or state of being important :  consequence
b :  an important aspect or bearing :  significance
obsolete :  import, meaning
obsolete :  importunity
obsolete :  a weighty matter

Examples of IMPORTANCE

  1. The teacher lectured the students on the importance of mutual respect.
  2. He exaggerated the importance of his role in the rescue mission.
  3. The negotiations have taken on added importance in the wake of the bomb attack.
  4. a matter of little importance

First Known Use of IMPORTANCE


Synonym Discussion of IMPORTANCE

importance, consequence, moment, weight, significance mean a quality or aspect having great worth or significance. importance implies a value judgment of the superior worth or influence of something or someone <a region with no cities of importance>. consequence generally implies importance because of probable or possible effects <the style you choose is of little consequence>. moment implies conspicuous or self-evident consequence <a decision of great moment>. weight implies a judgment of the immediate relative importance of something <the argument carried no weight with the judge>. significance implies a quality or character that should mark a thing as important but that is not self-evident and may or may not be recognized <the treaty's significance>.


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