adjective im·ma·ture \ˌi-mə-ˈtr, -ˈtyr, -ˈchr\

: not fully developed or grown

: acting in a childish way : having or showing a lack of emotional maturity

Full Definition of IMMATURE

archaic :  premature
a :  lacking complete growth, differentiation, or development <immature fruits> <a sexually immature bird>
b :  having the potential capacity to attain a definitive form or state :  crude, unfinished <a vigorous but immature school of art>
c :  exhibiting less than an expected degree of maturity <emotionally immature adults>
immature noun
im·ma·ture·ly adverb
im·ma·tu·ri·ty \-ˈtr-ə-tē, -ˈtyr-, -ˈchr-\ noun

Examples of IMMATURE

  1. The flock included both adult and immature birds.
  2. His teachers have complained about his immature behavior.

Origin of IMMATURE

Latin immaturus, from in- + maturus mature
First Known Use: 1548
IMMATURE Defined for Kids


adjective im·ma·ture \ˌi-mə-ˈtr, -ˈtyr, -ˈchr\

Definition of IMMATURE for Kids

:  not yet fully grown or ripe <an immature bird> <immature fruit>
:  acting in or exhibiting a childish manner <an immature teenager> <immature behavior>
im·ma·ture·ly adverb
Medical Dictionary


adjective im·ma·ture \ˌim-ə-ˈt(y)(ə)r also -ˈch(ə)r\

Medical Definition of IMMATURE

:  lacking complete growth, differentiation, or development <immature blood cells> <emotionally immature>
im·ma·ture·ly adverb
im·ma·tu·ri·ty \-ˈt(y)r-ət-ē also -ˈchr-\ noun, plural im·ma·tu·ri·ties


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