adjective ju·ve·nile \ˈjü-və-ˌnī(-ə)l, -nəl\

: unpleasantly childish

: relating to or meant for young people

: of or relating to young people who have committed crimes

Full Definition of JUVENILE

a :  physiologically immature or undeveloped :  young
b :  derived from sources within the earth and coming to the surface for the first time —used especially of water and gas
:  of, relating to, characteristic of, or suitable for children or young people <juvenile books>
:  reflecting psychological or intellectual immaturity :  childish

Examples of JUVENILE

  1. She criticized his juvenile behavior at the party.
  2. <a juvenile alligator just hatched from its egg>

Origin of JUVENILE

French or Latin; French juvénile, from Latin juvenilis, from juvenis young person — more at young
First Known Use: 1625



: a young person : a person who is not yet old enough to be legally considered an adult

: a young bird or animal

Full Definition of JUVENILE

a :  a young person :  youth
b :  a book for children or young people
:  a young individual resembling an adult of its kind except in size and reproductive activity: as
a :  a fledged bird not yet in adult plumage
b :  a 2-year-old racehorse
:  an actor or actress who plays youthful parts

Examples of JUVENILE

  1. She works to keep juveniles away from drugs.
  2. <a medical study that followed juveniles through adolescence and into adulthood>

First Known Use of JUVENILE

May 22, 2015
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