adverb \ˈha\

: in what manner or way : by what means

: for what reason

: to what degree, extent, or amount

Full Definition of HOW

a :  in what manner or way
b :  for what reason :  why
c :  with what meaning :  to what effect
d :  by what name or title
:  to what degree or extent
:  in what state or condition <how are you>
:  at what price <how a score of ewes now — Shakespeare>
how about
:  what do you say to or think of <how about it, are you going?>
how come
:  how does it happen that :  why

Examples of HOW

  1. How and where did you meet him?
  2. How shall I address the President?
  3. How will we pay for the trip?
  4. How did you get here? By bus.
  5. How did she die? She had cancer.
  6. How do you know that?
  7. How did you find us?
  8. How could you have known?
  9. How did you happen to move here?

Origin of HOW

Middle English, from Old English hū; akin to Old High German hwuo how, Old English hwā who — more at who
First Known Use: before 12th century



: in what manner or way

: in whatever way

Full Definition of HOW

a :  the way or manner in which <remember how they fought>; also :  the state or condition in which
b :  that <told them how he had a situation — Charles Dickens>
:  however, as <a reader can shift his attention how he likes — William Empson>

Examples of HOW

  1. We asked how we could help.
  2. Let me tell you how we'll pay for the trip.
  3. The book tells the story of how the company was founded.
  4. She explained how she came to live here.
  5. I don't know how the service is at the new restaurant.
  6. I remember how they fought.
  7. Be careful how you talk; you could get fired.
  8. She told us how she had to work hard.
  9. He knows how you are a valued employee.
  10. It's amazing how they completed the bridge so quickly.

First Known Use of HOW

before 12th century



Definition of HOW

:  a question about manner or method
:  manner, method

Examples of HOW

  1. <the environmental activist eagerly launched into an explanation of the hows and whys of developing renewable energy sources>

First Known Use of HOW



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