adjective \ˈhe-vē\

: having great weight : difficult to lift or move

: large in size and weight

: having a particular weight


Full Definition of HEAVY

a :  having great weight; also :  characterized by mass or weight <how heavy is it?>
b :  having a high specific gravity :  having great weight in proportion to bulk
c (1) of an isotope :  having or being atoms of greater than normal mass for that element
(2) of a compound :  containing heavy isotopes
:  hard to bear; specifically :  grievous, afflictive <a heavy sorrow>
:  of weighty import :  serious <heavy consequences>
:  deep, profound <a heavy silence>
a :  borne down by something oppressive :  burdened
b :  pregnant; especially :  approaching parturition
a :  slow or dull from loss of vitality or resiliency :  sluggish <a tired heavy step>
b :  lacking sparkle or vivacity :  drab
c :  lacking mirth or gaiety :  doleful
d :  characterized by declining prices
:  dulled with weariness :  drowsy
:  greater in quantity or quality than the average of its kind or class: as
a :  of unusually large size or amount <a heavy turnout> <heavy traffic>
b :  of great force <heavy seas>
c :  threatening to rain or snow
d (1) :  impeding motion
(2) :  full of clay and inclined to hold water
e :  coming as if from a depth :  loud <heavy breathing>
f :  thick, coarse <heavy syrup>
g :  oppressive <a heavy odor> <heavy weather> <rule with a heavy hand>
h :  steep, acute
i :  laborious, difficult <heavy going>
j :  immoderate <a heavy smoker>
k :  more powerful than usual for its kind <a heavy cavalry> <a heavy cruiser>
l :  of large capacity or output
a :  very rich and hard to digest <heavy desserts>
b :  not properly raised or leavened <heavy bread>
:  producing goods (as coal, steel, or chemicals) used in the production of other goods <heavy industry>
a :  having stress <a heavy rhythm> —used especially of syllables in accentual verse
b :  being the strongest degree of stress in speech
:  relating to theatrical parts of a grave or somber nature
:  long 9 <heavy on ideas>
:  important, prominent <a heavy politician>
heavi·ness noun

Examples of HEAVY

  1. Is that box too heavy for you to lift? No, it's not very heavy.
  2. The truck was carrying a heavy load.
  3. The man was six feet tall with a heavy build.
  4. Turnout for the election is expected to be heavy.
  5. We got caught in heavy traffic.
  6. Heavy rains caused flooding in the area.
  7. She was wearing sunglasses and heavy makeup.
  8. The storm caused heavy damage to the building.
  9. The company is facing heavy losses this quarter.
  10. a day of heavy fighting

Origin of HEAVY

Middle English hevy, from Old English hefig; akin to Old High German hebīc heavy, Old English hebban to lift — more at heave
First Known Use: before 12th century

Synonym Discussion of HEAVY

heavy, weighty, ponderous, cumbrous, cumbersome mean having great weight. heavy implies that something has greater density or thickness than the average of its kind or class <a heavy child for his age>. weighty suggests having actual and not just relative weight <a load of weighty boxes>. ponderous implies having great weight because of size and massiveness with resulting great inertia <ponderous elephants in a circus parade>. cumbrous and cumbersome imply heaviness and bulkiness that make for difficulty in grasping, moving, carrying, or manipulating <wrestled with the cumbrous furniture> <early cameras were cumbersome and inconvenient>.

Rhymes with HEAVY



: in a heavy way

Full Definition of HEAVY

:  in a heavy manner :  heavily

Examples of HEAVY

  1. The smoke hung heavy in the air.

First Known Use of HEAVY

before 12th century

Rhymes with HEAVY



: a bad person in a movie or play

: a person or thing that is serious, important, or powerful

plural heav·ies

Full Definition of HEAVY

:  heavyweight 2
a :  a theatrical role of a dignified or somber character; also :  an actor playing such a role
b :  villain 4
c :  villain 5
d :  someone or something influential, serious, or important
e :  elite 1b

Examples of HEAVY

  1. He played the heavy in film after film.
  2. The conference will be attended by several media heavies.
  3. They have become one of the industry heavies.

First Known Use of HEAVY

HEAVIEST Defined for Kids


adjective \ˈhe-vē\

Definition of HEAVY for Kids

:  having great weight
:  unusually great in amount, force, or effect <heavy rain> <heavy sleep> <heavy damage>
:  made with thick strong material <heavy rope>
:  dense and thick <heavy eyebrows>
:  hard to put up with <a heavy responsibility>
:  sad or troubled <It's with a heavy heart that I leave you.>
:  having little strength or energy <My legs grew heavier with every step.>
heavi·ness noun


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