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had better

Definition of had better

  1. —used to indicate a need or obligation <You'd better leave now or you might not get there on time.> <You'd better not do that or you'll get in trouble.> <“Do you want to drive?” “I'd better not: I've had too much to drink.”> ; in informal speech, better by itself is often used in this way without had <“Do you want to drive?” “I better not.”>

Word by Word Definitions

  1. : past and past participle of have

  1. : comparative of good

    :  greater than half

    :  improved in health or mental attitude

  1. :  to make better: as

    :  to make more tolerable or acceptable

    :  to make more complete or perfect

  1. : comparative of well

    :  in a more excellent manner

    :  to greater advantage :  preferably

  1. :  something better

    :  a superior especially in merit or rank

    :  advantage, victory

  1. :  had better

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