verb ex·hib·it \ig-ˈzi-bət\

: to make (a painting, sculpture, etc.) available for people to see

: to show or reveal (something)

Full Definition of EXHIBIT

transitive verb
:  to submit (as a document) to a court or officer in course of proceedings; also :  to present or offer officially or in legal form
:  to present to view: as
a :  to show or display outwardly especially by visible signs or actions <exhibited no fear>
b :  to have as a readily discernible quality or feature <in all cultures we know, men exhibit an aesthetic sense — H. J. Muller>
c :  to show publicly especially for purposes of competition or demonstration <exhibit a collection of artifacts>
intransitive verb
:  to display something for public inspection
ex·hib·i·tive \-bə-tiv\ adjective
ex·hib·i·tor \-bə-tər\ noun
ex·hib·i·to·ry \-bə-ˌtr-ē\ adjective

Examples of EXHIBIT

  1. They will be exhibiting a collection of paintings.
  2. He proudly exhibited his trophy.
  3. He first exhibited an interest in music when he was very young.
  4. The patient exhibited signs of the disease.

Origin of EXHIBIT

Middle English, from Latin exhibitus, past participle of exhibēre, from ex- + habēre to have, hold — more at give
First Known Use: 15th century

Rhymes with EXHIBIT



: an object or a collection of objects that have been put out in a public space for people to look at : something shown in an exhibition

: an object that is used as evidence in a court of law

Full Definition of EXHIBIT

:  a document or material object produced and identified in court or before an examiner for use as evidence
:  something exhibited
:  an act or instance of exhibiting :  exhibition

Examples of EXHIBIT

  1. The show includes dozens of interesting exhibits.
  2. Have you seen the new photography exhibit?
  3. introduced the weapons into evidence as exhibits A and B

First Known Use of EXHIBIT



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