verb re·ceive \ri-ˈsēv\

: to get or be given (something)

: to react to (something) in a specified way

: to welcome (someone) in usually a formal way


Full Definition of RECEIVE

transitive verb
:  to come into possession of :  acquire <receive a gift>
a :  to act as a receptacle or container for <the cistern receives water from the roof>
b :  to assimilate through the mind or senses <receive new ideas>
a :  to permit to enter :  admit
b :  welcome, greet
c :  to react to in a specified manner
:  to accept as authoritative, true, or accurate :  believe
a :  to support the weight or pressure of :  bear
b :  to take (a mark or impression) from the weight of something <some clay receives clear impressions>
c :  acquire, experience <received his early schooling at home>
d :  to suffer the hurt or injury of <received a broken nose>
intransitive verb
:  to be a recipient
:  to be at home to visitors <receives on Tuesdays>
:  to convert incoming radio waves into perceptible signals
:  to prepare to take possession of the ball from a kick in football

Examples of RECEIVE

  1. You will be charged a late fee if the electric company does not receive your payment on time.
  2. I received a letter from her yesterday.
  3. You will receive a discount if you spend over $100.
  4. She received the news of his death with remarkable calmness.
  5. George, white-gloved, with a gardenia in his buttonhole, stood with his mother and the Major, embowered in the big red and gold drawing room downstairs, to receive the guests; and, standing thus together, the trio offered a picturesque example of good looks persistent through three generations. —Booth Tarkington, The Magnificent Ambersons, 1918

Origin of RECEIVE

Middle English, from Anglo-French receivre, from Latin recipere, from re- + capere to take — more at heave
First Known Use: 14th century
RECEIVE Defined for Kids


verb re·ceive \ri-ˈsēv\

Definition of RECEIVE for Kids

:  to take or get something that is given, paid, or sent <Did you receive the money I sent?>
:  2experience <Stone Fox refused to speak with the white man because of the treatment his people had received. — John Reynolds Gardiner, Stone Fox>
:  to accept as a visitor or member :  welcome <She's too ill to receive friends.>
:  to change incoming radio waves into sounds or pictures


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