noun \ˈgüs\

: any one of many different kinds of birds that swim, that are larger than ducks, and that have a long neck and webbed feet

: a female goose

: the meat of a goose used as food

plural geese \ˈgēs\

Full Definition of GOOSE

a :  any of numerous large waterfowl (family Anatidae) that are intermediate between the swans and ducks and have long necks, feathered lores, and reticulate tarsi
b :  a female goose as distinguished from a gander
plural goos·es :  a tailor's smoothing iron with a gooseneck handle
plural goos·es :  a poke between the buttocks

Examples of GOOSE

  1. <don't be such a silly goose—you're dressed just fine for the party>

Origin of GOOSE

Middle English gos, from Old English gōs; akin to Old High German gans goose, Latin anser, Greek chēn
First Known Use: before 12th century

Other Birds Terms

aerie, bunting, clutch, covey, hackle, ratite, rictus, ruff, skein, zygodactyl



: to touch or pinch (someone) on the buttocks

: to increase the activity or amount of (something)


Full Definition of GOOSE

transitive verb
:  to poke between the buttocks with an upward thrust
:  to increase the activity, speed, power, intensity, or amount of :  spur <an effort to goose newsstand sales>

First Known Use of GOOSE

circa 1880


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