noun \ˈtər-kē\

: a large American bird that is related to the chicken and that is hunted or raised by people for its meat

: the meat of the turkey used as food

: something (such as a play or movie) that has failed

plural turkeys

Full Definition of TURKEY

plural also turkey :  a large North American gallinaceous bird (Meleagris gallopavo) that is domesticated in most parts of the world
:  failure, flop; especially :  a theatrical production that has failed
:  three successive strikes in bowling
:  a stupid, foolish, or inept person

Examples of TURKEY

  1. He was acting like a complete turkey.
  2. <only a turkey would think it's a good idea to go for a jog when the weather drops below zero>

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Origin of TURKEY

Turkey, country in western Asia and southeastern Europe; from confusion with the guinea fowl, supposed to be imported from Turkish territory
First Known Use: 1555

Other General Sports Terms

kegler, mulligan, rappel

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geographical name \ˈtər-kē\

Definition of TURKEY

country W Asia & SE Europe between Mediterranean & Black seas; formerly center of an empire ( Constantinople), since 1923 a republic Ankara area 301,380 square miles (780,574 square kilometers), pop 73,085,000 — see ottoman empire

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Male turkey.—Joe McDonald/Corbis

Either of two species of birds assigned to either of two families, Phasianidae or Meleagrididae. The North American common turkey (Meleagris gallopavo) has been domesticated since pre-Columbian times. The adult male has a featherless bright-red head, a fleshy red ornament (snood) growing over the bill, and a similar wattle on the throat. The male (gobbler or tom) may be 50 in. (1.3 m) long and may weigh over 20 lb (10 kg). Wild turkeys inhabit woodlands near water, eating seeds, insects, and an occasional frog or lizard. Males assemble a harem, and each hen lays 8–15 eggs in a hollow in the ground. An excellent source of meat and easily shot, the wild turkey was practically exterminated by European settlers; conservation efforts have reestablished it in much of its former range. The ocellated turkey (Agriocharis, or Meleagris, ocellata) of Central America has never been domesticated.


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