noun mo·ron \ˈmr-ˌän\

: a very stupid or foolish person

Full Definition of MORON

usually offensive :  a person affected with mild mental retardation
:  a very stupid person
mo·ron·ic \mə-ˈrä-nik, m-\ adjective
mo·ron·i·cal·ly \-ni-k(ə-)lē\ adverb
mo·ron·ism \ˈmr-ˌä-ˌni-zəm\ noun
mo·ron·i·ty \mə-ˈrä-nə-tē, m-\ noun

Examples of MORON

  1. They were acting like a bunch of morons.
  2. I can't believe I did something so stupid. I feel like a complete moron.

Origin of MORON

irregular from Greek mōros foolish, stupid
First Known Use: 1910

Rhymes with MORON

aeon, add-on, agon, agone, Akan, Ambon, Amman, anon, Anshan, archon, argon, Argonne, atman, axon, bank on, barchan, baton, big on, Bion, blouson, bon ton, bonbon, boron, boson, bouillon, bring on, build on, bygone, caisson, call on, canton, capon, cast on, catch on, Ceylon, chaconne, Charon, chew on, chiffon, chiton, chrismon, Cimon, cistron, clip-on, codon, come-on, cordon, coupon, crampon, crayon, crepon, cretonne, crouton, Dacron, dead-on, Dear John, doggone, Dogon, Don Juan, exon, fall on, flacon, foregone, form on, Freon, fronton, futon, Garonne, get on, Gibran, gluon, gnomon, go on, guidon, hadron, Hainan, hand on, hands-on, hang on, have on, hazan, head-on, Henan, hereon, high on, hit on, hogan, hold on, Huainan, icon, intron, ion, jargon, Jinan, jomon, kanban, kaon, Kashan, keen on, Khoisan, Kirman, koan, krypton, kurgan, Kurgan, lauan, lepton, let on, lock on, log on, look on, Luzon, macron, Masan, Medan, Memnon, meson, micron, Milan, mod con, mouton, Multan, muon, natron, nekton, neon, nephron, neuron, neutron, ninon, Nippon, nylon, odds-on, Oman, Oran, Orlon, paeon, parton, Pathan, pavane, pecan, peon, Phaëthon, photon, phyton, pick on, pion, piton, plankton, pluton, pompon, prion, proton, Pusan, push on, put-on, pylon, python, racon, radon, rag on, rayon, recon, rhyton, run-on, run on, Saint John, Saipan, salon, San Juan, Schliemann, Schumann, Shaban, shaman, shaitan, Shingon, sign on, sit on, slip-on, snap-on, solon, Solon, soupçon, soutane, stand on, stolon, stuck on, Suwon, sweet on, Taiwan, taipan, take on, tampon, taxon, Teflon, Tehran, teston, thereon, Tian Shan, tisane, torchon, toucan, toyon, trade on, trigon, Tristan, triton, trogon, try on, Tucson, turned-on, turn on, Typhon, tzigane, uhlan, Ulsan, upon, wait on, walk-on, witan, whereon, Wonsan, wonton, work on, Wuhan, xenon, Xi'an, Yukon, Yunnan, zircon
MORON Defined for Kids


noun mo·ron \ˈmr-ˌän\

Definition of MORON for Kids

:  a stupid or foolish person
Medical Dictionary


noun mo·ron \ˈmō(ə)r-ˌän, ˈm(ə)r-\

Medical Definition of MORON

usually offensive :  a person affected with mild mental retardation
mo·ron·ic \mə-ˈrän-ik, m-\ adjective, usually offensive


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