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fish to fry

Definition of fish to fry


  1. :  things to do or deal with <We'll have to address that problem tomorrow. Right now we've got other/bigger fish to fry.>

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  any of numerous cold-blooded strictly aquatic craniate vertebrates that include the bony fishes and usually the cartilaginous and jawless fishes and that have typically an elongated somewhat spindle-shaped body terminating in a broad caudal fin, limbs in the form of fins when present at all, and a 2-chambered heart by which blood is sent through thoracic gills to be oxygenated

    :  the flesh of fish used as food

    :  a person who is caught or is wanted (as in a criminal investigation)

  1. :  to attempt to catch fish

    :  to seek something by roundabout means

    :  to search for something underwater

  1. :  to cook in a pan or on a griddle over heat especially with the use of fat

    :  electrocute

    :  to damage or destroy (an electrical device or its circuitry) by overheating especially as a result of unusually high voltage

  1. :  a social gathering or picnic where food is fried and eaten

    :  a dish of something fried

    :  french fry

  1. :  recently hatched or juvenile fishes

    :  the young of other animals

    :  very small adult fishes

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