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rough fish


Definition of rough fish

  1. :  a usually freshwater fish (as a buffalo or freshwater drum) considered undesirable as a food or sport fish and often viewed as a competitor of more desirable fishes


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Rhymes with rough fish

batfish, billfish, blackfish, blindfish, blowfish, bluefish, bonefish, catfish, codfish, cold fish, cowfish, crawfish, crayfish, death wish, deep-dish, dogfish, filefish, finfish, flatfish, fly-fish, game fish, garfish, globefish, goatfish, goldfish, goosefish, hagfish, hogfish, Irtysh, jewfish, kingfish, knish, lungfish, lumpfish, milkfish, monkfish, moonfish, oarfish, panfish, pigfish, pinfish, pipefish, ratfish, redfish, rockfish, sailfish, sawfish, shellfish, side dish, spearfish, sport fish, starfish, stonefish, sunfish, swordfish, tilefish, toadfish, trash fish, trunkfish, unwish, weakfish, whitefish

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