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fish stick


Simple Definition of fish stick

  • : a long and thin piece of fish that is breaded and cooked

Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary

Full Definition of fish stick

  1. :  a small elongated breaded fillet of fish


First Known Use of fish stick


Rhymes with fish stick

airsick, big stick, bluetick, bootlick, boychick, brainsick, broomstick, carsick, Chadwick, chick flick, chopstick, cowlick, crabstick, dabchick, deer tick, detick, dik-dik, dipstick, dog tick, drop-kick, drumstick, ear pick, firebrick, flagstick, Fosdick, free kick, frog kick, goal kick, goldbrick, greensick, handpick, hat trick, hayrick, heartsick, homesick, ice pick, joss stick, joystick, lipstick, lovesick, matchstick, muzhik, nightstick, nitpick, nonstick, nutpick, odd trick, oil slick, Old Nick, outslick, peacenik, pigstick, pinprick, placekick, Prestwick, quick kick, redbrick, Renwick, rubric, salt lick, seasick, self-stick, shashlik, sidekick, slapstick, squib kick, Tajik, toothpick, topkick, unpick, unstick, uptick, wood tick, yardstick

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