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fish or cut bait

Definition of fish or cut bait


  1. :  to stop hesitating and choose to do or not do something <It's time for the company to fish or cut bait. We either take the job or turn it down.>

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  any of numerous cold-blooded strictly aquatic craniate vertebrates that include the bony fishes and usually the cartilaginous and jawless fishes and that have typically an elongated somewhat spindle-shaped body terminating in a broad caudal fin, limbs in the form of fins when present at all, and a 2-chambered heart by which blood is sent through thoracic gills to be oxygenated

    :  the flesh of fish used as food

    :  a person who is caught or is wanted (as in a criminal investigation)

  1. :  to attempt to catch fish

    :  to seek something by roundabout means

    :  to search for something underwater

  1. :  to penetrate with or as if with an edged instrument

    :  to hurt the feelings of

    :  to strike sharply with a cutting effect

  1. :  a product of cutting: as

    :  an opening made with an edged instrument

    :  a wound made by something sharp :  gash

  1. :  marked by a well-developed and highly defined musculature

  1. :  to persecute or exasperate with unjust, malicious, or persistent attacks

    :  tease

    :  to harass (as a chained animal) with dogs usually for sport

  1. :  something (as food) used in luring especially to a hook or trap

    :  a poisonous material placed where it will be eaten by harmful or objectionable animals

    :  lure, temptation

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