noun \i-ˈpi-səl\

Epistle in the Bible : any one of the letters to the early Christians that are part of the New Testament

Full Definition of EPISTLE

a :  one of the letters adopted as books of the New Testament
b :  a liturgical lection usually from one of the New Testament Epistles
a :  letter; especially :  a formal or elegant letter
b :  a composition in the form of a letter
epis·tler \-ˈpi-sə-lər\ noun

Examples of EPISTLE

  1. St. Paul's Epistle to the Romans.
  2. He penned lengthy epistles to her.

Origin of EPISTLE

Middle English, letter, Epistle, from Anglo-French, from Latin epistula, epistola letter, from Greek epistolē message, letter, from epistellein to send to, from epi- + stellein to send
First Known Use: 13th century

Other Christian Religious Terms

Pentateuch, blasphemy, curate, doxology, eremite, iconoclasm, liturgy, orison, pneuma, reliquary


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