verb \ē-ˈlüd\

: to avoid or escape (someone or something) by being quick, skillful, or clever

: to fail to be understood or remembered by (someone)

: to fail to be achieved by (someone)


Full Definition of ELUDE

transitive verb
:  to avoid adroitly :  evade <the mice eluded the traps> <managed to elude capture>
:  to escape the perception, understanding, or grasp of <subtlety simply eludes them> <victory continued to elude us>
:  defy 4 <it eludes explanation>

Examples of ELUDE

  1. The killer was able to elude the police.
  2. The killer has eluded capture.
  3. The cause of the disease continues to elude researchers.

Origin of ELUDE

Latin eludere, from e- + ludere to play — more at ludicrous
First Known Use: 1667


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