verb ex·clude \iks-ˈklüd\

: to prevent (someone) from doing something or being a part of a group

: to leave out (something) : to not include (something)

: to think that (something, such as a possibility) is not worth attention


Full Definition of EXCLUDE

transitive verb
a :  to prevent or restrict the entrance of
b :  to bar from participation, consideration, or inclusion
:  to expel or bar especially from a place or position previously occupied
ex·clud·er noun

Examples of EXCLUDE

  1. You can share files with some people on the network while excluding others.
  2. The prices on the menu exclude tax.

Origin of EXCLUDE

Middle English, from Latin excludere, from ex- + claudere to close — more at close
First Known Use: 14th century
EXCLUDE Defined for Kids


verb ex·clude \ik-ˈsklüd\

Definition of EXCLUDE for Kids

:  to shut out :  keep out <Don't exclude your little sister from the game.>

Word Root of EXCLUDE

The Latin word claudere, meaning to close or to shut, gives us the root clud. To exclude is to shut another out of a group. To include is to shut someone into a group. To conclude, or bring something, such as a speech, to an end, is to close it.


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