verb \in-ˈdü, -ˈdyü, en-\
en·dued or in·dueden·du·ing or in·du·ing

Definition of ENDUE

transitive verb
:  provide, endow <endued with the rights of a citizen>
:  imbue, transfuse <a mummy again endued with animation — Mary W. Shelley>
[Middle English induen; influenced by Latin induere to put on] :  put on, don

Variants of ENDUE

en·due or in·due \in-\

Examples of ENDUE

  1. <professional soldiers endued with an ironclad sense of duty and honor>
  2. <she's always been endued with an unquenchable optimism>

Origin of ENDUE

Middle English, from Anglo-French enduire to introduce, imbue, from Latin inducere — more at induce
First Known Use: 15th century


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