adjective elec·tric \i-ˈlek-trik, ē-\

: of or relating to electricity

: operated by electricity

: providing electricity

Full Definition of ELECTRIC

or elec·tri·cal \-tri-kəl\ :  of, relating to, or operated by electricity <an electric current> <an electric heater>
:  exciting as if by electric shock <an electric performance> <an electric personality>; also :  charged with strong emotion <the room was electric with tension>
a :  electronic 3a
b :  amplifying sound by electronic means —used of a musical instrument <an electric guitar>
:  very bright <electric blue> <electric orange>
elec·tri·cal·ly \-tri-k(ə-)lē\ adverb

Examples of ELECTRIC

  1. The device administers a mild electric shock.
  2. It plugs into any electric socket.
  3. The electrical cord is damaged.
  4. There's a problem with the building's electrical wiring.
  5. The pianist gave an electric performance.
  6. The atmosphere in the room was electric.

Origin of ELECTRIC

New Latin electricus produced from amber by friction, electric, from Medieval Latin, of amber, from Latin electrum amber, electrum, from Greek ēlektron; akin to Greek ēlektōr beaming sun
First Known Use: 1675

Other Electrical Engineering Terms

feedback, fuse, incandescent, noise, resonance



Definition of ELECTRIC

archaic :  a nonconductor of electricity used to excite or accumulate electricity
:  something (as a light, automobile, or train) operated by electricity

First Known Use of ELECTRIC


Other Electrical Engineering Terms

feedback, fuse, incandescent, noise, resonance
ELECTRICAL Defined for Kids


adjective elec·tric \i-ˈlek-trik\

Definition of ELECTRIC for Kids

or elec·tri·cal \-tri-kəl\ :  of or relating to electricity or its use <an electric current> <electrical engineering>
:  heated, moved, made, or run by electricity <an electric heater> <an electric locomotive>
:  giving off sounds through an electronic amplifier <an electric guitar>
:  having a thrilling effect <The singer gave an electric performance.>
elec·tri·cal·ly adverb <electrically powered cars>

Word History of ELECTRIC

People in ancient Greece found that if they rubbed a piece of amber it would attract light things like straws and feathers. The rubbing gave the amber an electric charge. We owe the English word electric to this property of amber. Our word came from a Greek word ēlektron that meant amber.
Medical Dictionary


adjective elec·tric \i-ˈlek-trik\

Medical Definition of ELECTRIC

:  of, relating to, or operated by electricity
elec·tri·cal·ly \-tri-k(ə-)lē\ adverb

Variants of ELECTRIC

elec·tric or elec·tri·cal \-tri-kəl\
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