noun dis·tance \ˈdis-tən(t)s\

: the amount of space between two places or things

: a point or place that is far away from another point or place

: a state in which people are not involved with or friendly toward each other

Full Definition of DISTANCE

obsolete :  discord
a :  separation in time
b :  the degree or amount of separation between two points, lines, surfaces, or objects
c (1) :  an extent of area or an advance along a route measured linearly
(2) :  an extent of space measured other than linearly <within walking distance>
d :  an extent of advance from a beginning
e :  expanse
f (1) :  length of a race or contest <won at all distances>
(2) :  the full length (as of a prizefight or ball game) (3) :  a long race <distance training>
:  the quality or state of being distant: as
a :  spatial remoteness
b :  personal and especially emotional separation; also :  reserve, coldness
c :  difference, disparity
:  a distant point or region
a :  aesthetic distance
b :  capacity to observe dispassionately
go the distance also last the distance
:  to complete a course of action

Examples of DISTANCE

  1. What is the distance between the Earth and the Sun?
  2. The gas station is a short distance away.
  3. Speed is measured in time and distance.
  4. She kept the children a safe distance from the road.
  5. The sign was hard to read from a distance.
  6. We followed them at a distance.
  7. She feels a distance from her brother that wasn't there before.
  8. Although they were once good friends, there was now considerable distance between them.
  9. He wants to put distance between himself and his former boss.

First Known Use of DISTANCE

14th century



: to show that you are not involved with someone or something : to end a connection to or relationship with someone or something


Full Definition of DISTANCE

transitive verb
:  to place or keep at a distance <able to distance themselves from the tragedy> <distances herself from her coworkers>
:  to leave far behind :  outstrip <easily distanced the other candidates in the race>

First Known Use of DISTANCE




Definition of DISTANCE

:  taking place via electronic media linking instructors and students who are not together in a classroom <distance learning> <distance education>

First Known Use of DISTANCE

DISTANCING Defined for Kids


noun dis·tance \ˈdi-stəns\

Definition of DISTANCE for Kids

:  how far from each other two points or places are
:  a point or place that is far away <He saw a light in the distance.>
:  the quality or state of not being friendly <She heard the distance in his voice.>


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