noun \di-ˈmer-ət, dē-, -ˈme-rət\

: a mark that is made on the school record of a student who has done something wrong

: a bad quality in something or someone : a feature or part of something or someone that is unpleasant

Full Definition of DEMERIT

obsolete :  offense
a :  a quality that deserves blame or lacks merit :  fault, defect
b :  lack of merit
:  a mark usually entailing a loss of privilege given to an offender

Examples of DEMERIT

  1. Students are given demerits if they arrive late for classes.
  2. <as a typist she has the advantage of speed but the demerit of inaccuracy>

Origin of DEMERIT

Middle English, from Anglo-French & Medieval Latin; Anglo-French demerite, from Medieval Latin demeritum, from neuter of demeritus, past participle of demerēre to be undeserving of, from Latin, to earn, from de- + merēre to merit
First Known Use: 15th century

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