noun par·rot \ˈper-ət, ˈpa-rət\

: a bright-colored tropical bird that has a curved bill and the ability to imitate speech

Full Definition of PARROT

:  any of numerous widely distributed tropical birds (order Psittaciformes and especially family Psittacidae) that are often crested and brightly colored, have a distinctive stout hooked bill and zygodactyl feet, and include some excellent mimics
:  a person who sedulously echoes another's words
parrot adjective

Origin of PARROT

probably modification of Middle French perroquet
First Known Use: circa 1525

Rhymes with PARROT



: to repeat (something, such as words, ideas, etc.) without understanding the meaning

Full Definition of PARROT

transitive verb
:  to repeat by rote

Examples of PARROT

  1. Some of the students were just parroting what the teacher said.
  2. <the toddler parroted everything her father said, often to the latter's embarrassment>

First Known Use of PARROT


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PARROT Defined for Kids


noun par·rot \ˈper-ət\

Definition of PARROT for Kids

:  a brightly colored tropical bird that has a strong hooked bill and is sometimes trained to imitate human speech
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