noun \-nəs\

: the quality or state of being weak

: a quality or feature that prevents someone or something from being effective or useful

: something that you like so much that you are often unable to resist it

Full Definition of WEAKNESS

:  the quality or state of being weak; also :  an instance or period of being weak <backed down in a moment of weakness>
:  fault, defect
a :  a special desire or fondness <has a weakness for sweets>
b :  an object of special desire or fondness <pizza is my weakness>

Examples of WEAKNESS

  1. The weakness of her voice surprised me.
  2. The incident exposed his weakness as a leader.
  3. Some see compromise as a sign of weakness.
  4. the weakness of a radio signal connection
  5. the weakness of the dollar
  6. I told them my secret in a moment of weakness.
  7. The tutor assessed the student's strengths and weaknesses.
  8. The basketball team has few weaknesses.
  9. Chocolate is my greatest weakness.
  10. He has a weakness for desserts.

First Known Use of WEAKNESS

14th century


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